Thursday, January 8, 2009

Right Now

President Elect Obama is giving his major speech on the economy.

You can stream it from the SPAN.

Also on the SPAN is the confirmation hearing of Tom Daschle, for HHS Secretary.

Too much to pay attention to.

There will be more to come when the transcript is out.

UPDATE: Here is the stream from MSNBC.

UPDATE II: Cool ceremonial crap goings on! Joint Session of Congress Currently Counting the Electoral Votes. I have never watched this ceremony. It is really cool.

For those who want to play, I made the mistake of arguing with the wingnuts here and I do not have the time to continue. It is a great discussion on the stimulus. Of course, I am right and they are wrong...I just do not have any more time to invest in it.

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iamcoyote said...

Thanks Anjha. Let us know if anything exciting happens!