Wednesday, February 4, 2009

66 Pages

Is there nothing sacred? Why is it, that I cannot send my kid to school with a peanut butter sandwich without worrying that it will kill him? What's worse, is that I have had to implore him to not purchase anything at school to eat because it might be tainted with salmonella. (What about the poor kids who depend on school lunches as their main meal?!)

The news last night warned that they are not sure that the salmonella was contained to only the institutional brand; I finally checked the FDA website this morning to see what brands actually contain (or might contain) the tainted peanut butter and was horrified to find that the warning applies to 66 pages (PDF) of products. Everything from granola bars, to candy, to pet food, to frozen dinners - including Trader Joe's brand, which is supposed to be a higher class product.

Sign here to demand that our food is safe. Sorry to say that there is a petition begging our government to ensure that children can safely eat peanut butter sandwiches.


mainsailset said...

I read the FDA every morning and the Canadian one as well. I had to take some dog food back because it had peanuts in it. Sigh. And now I wonder whether the other products -you know, the ones that say they are processed in a plant that also produces peanut products - will start to get attention. The irony is that one plant can somehow be sourced to make so many different labels.

I have to think in these tough economic times that there's a whole lot of businesses that will take a huge hit on this. And where do we send all this recalled stuff? Africa??

Judith said...

Thanks for posting this petition. Of course I signed it and sent it on to everyone I know.

What a joke. I could understand, maybe, food from other countries, like fruit or vegtables, but peanut butter????

Yesterday, while grocery shopping, the owner of the store had peanut butter on the shelves with a sign that said "These brands are not recalled." Tooth paste, tomatoes, toys? What happened to the days when a comsumer never had to think about their food killing them or making them deathly ill? This is beyond shameful, this is criminal.

mainsailset said...

And don't forget that you need to toss all those canned goods, they have the BPA liners to preserve the food and give you cancer at the same time!

Shopping is getting to be a survival gamble, never know what I'll bring home next.

So far, I've given up on canned shrimp and crabmeat (comes from Vietnam & Taiwan...) given up on Pork (MRSA found in plants), then there's the Chile and Mexican peppers and melons...bottled water, it's easier to list what is safe rather than will kill ya.