Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Daschle Withdraws

Well I am sure happy that all of the "let the perfect be the enemy of the good" holier than thou, goody two shoes, never made a mistake, media-obsessed talkers got their way.

I think that it is bullshit.

The three people who had tax problems were mistakes. They were mistakes that were caught and corrected. BTW - Every bit of those back taxes have been paid. The errors were found and the taxes were paid. Geithner paid more taxes than he even owed - he had previously paid all that the IRS said that he owed because the other ones were older, pre-statute of limitations, and when, during the vetting process it was discovered that they were not paid, Geithner went ahead and paid them even though he did not have to.

I do not believe that anyone is exempt from paying taxes or following the law, but I think that this was much ado about nothing. I think that the goddamned media went way overboard with this crap and went on and on and on about "the big tax problems" of the Obama nominees and it was a huge double fucking standard.

Where was the outrage over Bushco lying this Country into war and authorizing torture? If the media had held this standard up to the Bush Administration (oh wait, I forgot, it is a big deal with the Obama Admin because Obama "promised to bring in a new era of accountability,") if the media had spent this amount of energy on Bush, perhaps we would never have went into Iraq and Bush would have been impeached as was necessary.

The media is claiming that this is Obama's fault because he promised to change the culture in Washington. OK, so, because Obama promises to be different, he is held to a different standard.....a different, impossible standard.

I do not know if Daschle was the best guy for the job. I just think that it is crap to drag down Daschle and the whole Obama Administration over a couple of legitimate errors that were rectified.

I would like every single one of these media fucks and the Republican Senators who were calling for him to step down to volunteer for IRS audits going back 10 years - further than the statute of limitations.


CG said...

I can see the problem with repeatedly nominating people with tax problems (or lobbying issues). Some things just don't come across in a sound bite. And it's always the hypocrisy that's the biggest problem, so yes, Obama is held to a higher standard. I haven't had time to follow the story, but isn't it something like Daschle didn't report using some friend's car and driver as income? Who would think that was income?

Honestly, I think all the mea culpa I'm sorry crap doesn't help. They should just say that people don't normally think to pay income tax on things they borrow from friends. If I borrow a cup of sugar, do I have to pay tax on it? Sheesh. Quit apologizing and stick up for yourself.

CG said...

And Nancy Killefer has now withdrawn because of tax issues too. This is a pretty rocky start for Obama and embarrassing. I've already heard "no wonder Dems don't mind raising taxes--they don't pay them anyway."

Chris Rich said...

There is an inexorable change from onrushing circumstances beyond attempts at 'change'.

20 years of wealth theft by the tiny top tier have left the public in a very ugly mood, especially since they are sinking into bizarre neo-serfdom.

The hog party is just tossing grenades because it can with it's usual ugly collection of a half bankrupt old media.

America won't likely ever again become the fat and happy Moronica of the recent past.

When this terrible mess runs its course most bloated expectations will drain away like the trillions of paper value on homes destined for foreclosure.

Daschle was just caught in the crossfire of increasing disgust with failure to play by rules on the part of the many who are earnest about the rules.

He thought he was getting something for nothing a national obsession. Free ponies for everyone.

This the childishness now fading as Yard Sale Nation sinks beneath its own unethical self made swamp surface.

And yes, there is surely no shortage of evasion and incompetence among the grenade tossers. They just enjoy the happy status of having no interest in moving to a higher ground.

Those who would make this uphill journey must run a tight life. I imagine Daschle will have a useful role in fixing health care from the sidelines anyway, if that his is real passion.

He just fell for all the props and perks of power while failing to understand the value of power uncompromised by lapses over wretched money/status sucker traps that are just a feature of the landscape.

Seven of Six said...

Look at the bright side... we can campaign for Dr. Howard Dean to get it... someone who really deserves it!

Anjha said...

You all are correct. I am just pissed about the media and the wingnuts...holy crap, you woulda thunk that Daschle, Geithner and the Obama Admin did something terrible - like lie a country into war or something.

That is the thing that pisses me off.

I could take the time to easily offer explanations for every one of these "optics" problems. Because that is all that they are - and the goddamned media keeps saying "he didn't pay his taxes."

They all paid their fucking taxes, they just did not do it until the errors became known. Fuck! Are we not allowed to admit mistakes and then make them right?

The Bushies never admitted any mistakes. Never made any amends. And now, they have gotten away with all of it - and the friggin new admin which is heads and tales better than the Right Wing Freaks will ever be - is getting smeared.

That is what pisses me off!

Seven of Six said...

That is what pisses me off!

Once again we are getting hammered in the media... every fucking time... I'll say it again... the Dems need some fucking PR pitbulls... they should be attacking back.

"No Wolf Blitzer, they are not blunders... small mistakes... lying to the public and going into Iraq was a blunder... paying your taxes after being nominated is a small mistake... GOT IT!!"

Justified anger Anjha!

Judith said...

CG, quite right. Stop "apologizing and stick up for yourself."

The media is treating this like a complete Obama failure and the worst thing that has happened in a decade. Obama is having "early troubles" according to NBC.

My my, how things have changed. The Party of Criminals (POC) screaming and having seizures about Dashle. It would be funny if it wasn't so damn hypocritical.

idiosynchronic said...

I called it.

It's ClintonBall all over again.

mainsailset said...

One of the many things about cancer that I hate is that it has probably prevented one of the best advocates we could ever have from joining the fray, and that would be Elizabeth Edwards.

I see she has a book coming out and I looked her up on Wiki to see that she has the same cancer my sister has, double pisser.