Sunday, February 1, 2009

Go Cardinals!

As the Super Bowl is about to take place today... I reflect on former Arizona Cardinals player, Pat Tillman. Great story by Marcy Wheeler (emptywheel) on the injustice the Tillman family has had to endure. I wish the Tillman family peace and possibly find the answers they deserve.

Go Cardinals! (Hey, when in Rome... root for the home team... the Cardinals stadium is only about 8 miles from my house)


Judith said...

BOO CARDINALS! (Of course, I'm from St. Louie).

Looks like Soto just blew Muck's cover. Who was it that said Thuy Lam was Muck was right.

By the way, the person posting under “Muck” now, has also gone under the name “Thuy”, “Thuy Lam”, a global warming debunker named “Phil”, and a guy named “Matt Alfring” who came up with this winner:

The idea that the government should be spending and "investing" in stuff is completely ridiculous. This is not what made America a great nation.

Seven of Six said...

Yes, Phidipides was the first to suspect... I was right behind him in agreeing with his suspicions. I blew his "Thuy Lam" cover at TLC!

What a POS!!

I know the Bidwell's are a bunch of conservatives... everyone deserves 1 Super Bowl.

Besides, I'm originally a SF 49er fan and do not want the Steelers to get 6 Super Bowl victories before the 49er's or the Cowboys. At least I can take solace knowing that the 49er's are still the only unbeaten Super Bowl team, their record stands at 5-0. Steeler's at 5-1. Cowboy's at 5-3.

Judith said...

Well, I am happy to know that you blew his cover at TLC. You did your good deed for a year.

Wonder if Muck is short for schmuck?