Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's War Baby and the War is On Now

The Republican fuckwads are not only sabatoging the stimulus package they are also sabatoging the Senator's call lines.

Interstingly the toll free numbers to the capitol switchboard aren't working. In addition, the Senator's mailboxes are full and the lines are busy.

The fucking GOP are going all out, using every one of their email lists to encourage their people to call in and oppose the package and support McCain's stoopid fucking substitute which is nothing but more tax cuts and military fucking spending. Every Puke Senator is going to the floor with all kinds of "evidence" claiming the McCain's substitute is the only stimulus that will work. Dicks.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. These Republican hacks are the very definition of insanity.

It is war - their people are calling and our Senators are getting nervous because the Dems are just not organized enough to email all of their lists. God they suck at politicking. It is a wonder that any of them ever get elected.

CALL NOW!! Tell these dumb asses that McCain's package is a fucking joke.


CG said...

I think I got some kind of push poll call the other day on the stimulus package. I can't even remember the first question, but it sounded like a push-poll (republican) so I hung up.

Love how the McCain "amendment" scraps the whole bill and replaces it with something entirely different.

One thing I don't get--what's up with the mortgage interest rate thing? The repubs want to cap it at 4% or something and the dems are against it? That sounds backwards to me. I would think the dems would be for it and the repubs would be screaming about the free market and what that would do to whatever and blah blah blah. Can someone explain it to me--haven't had time to follow any of this closely lately.

Seven of Six said...

CG, This is all I could find on your question. I think it has to do with...

The GOP plan would create a mortgage rate between 4%-4.5% and direct Fannie Mae (FNM) and Freddie Mac (FRE) to buy the new loans off the books of lenders who offered them. The federal government would subsidize the banks' closing costs to encourage lenders to participate in the scheme.
It would be available for a year to both new homebuyers and those looking to refinance. The loans would be for 30 years.

At this point I think Dems are wary of any plan the republi-cons have to offer.

I've also read that they want to make these loans with the caveat that the borrower cannot pay off earlier than their 30 year term.

Also, what I find galling, is Wall St. wants to keep all the good assets and sell the government all the toxic assets. While we are bailing them out.

What a confusing, cluster fuck that has been created... and we are supposed to listen to these knuckle-dragging, republi-con cretins!

Anjha said...

CG - it sounds great up front - I would love to be able to refi at 4% - I would love every bit of credit that I have to be lowered...straight across the board, all credit cards, car loans everything - and I think that this would help a whole lot of people.

What I think, CG, is that the problem is in the Puke "fine print" - isn't it always?

They are not going to help consumers for I am sure that the whole thing turns into a big payoff for the banks and we get screwed. But I have not read that amendment so I do not know.

AND McCain's package is a substitute bill, it is not an amendment.