Saturday, May 3, 2008

If you think it matters, you're an idiot

Shorter: "And you shouldn't vote"

And this guy used to be one of the producers on a network that currently is leading this stupidity.

And yes, I'm generalizing and Chez is addressing a specific issue. But if you believe for a moment that 98% of the content put up on any broadcast journalism network is worth considering before your next vote, your brains are processed tuna. (For NPR this figure is lowered to about 50%, and that's only because of Car Talk and Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me.)

I watched CNN with Wolf Blitzer for about half-an-hour yesterday while getting my hair cut. My barber, who's a really sweet guy and is voting for Obama, was just perplexed at how Wright could have said what he did in sermons and over the last week.

Joe's an excellent barber, but it shouldn't surprise you he had to take the state barber's exam 3 times before he passed.

Addendum: while trolling around this morning, I found a great follow up courtesy of Pastor Dan - "I don’t agree with the prophet Isaiah’s political views." And the kicker? "We don’t have any class warfare in our country. We don’t even talk about class issues in polite company. And here Isaiah comes and equates us with them[!]"


Anjha said...

Great link Id.

Every so often, just to see how "it" (that means all of it, not just current nontroversy) is being played up, I will switch over to FOX.

There is wall to friggin' wall coverage of Reverend Wright and the biggest question is always "how could he have listened to 'such vile hate speech' for 20 years?"

First of all, I still do not have a huge problem with what Reverend Wright has said and second of all, when were we assigned the role of thought police?!

I am really disgusted by the smallness of our "news" media and amazed at how much power that they have. I have watched them, essentially, pick our candidate.

All the way back to the blackout on Edwards (and the other candidates) to their determination on what will be covered and how it will be covered.

They have a tremendous amount of power over the sheeple and I can only hope, that this year, the sheeple have woken up and are not going to allow themselves to be manipulated.

idiosynchronic said...

You should see the addendum I'm about to put up, Anjha. Heh.

Anjha said...

I found this take interesting.

I have a hard time relating to Bible stories, but I get the point.

It just occurred to me that in the group think world of FOX "news" it is absolutely incomprehendable to them that someone can have a relationship with someone and not fully believe everything that they believe.

The above link, from the guy you linked to, is an interesting take on cultural stories. I don't agree with all that he said, but it was an interesting take on it anyway.

I do believe that it is time to change our narrative on so many issues and I am sick and fucking tired of identity politics.

200 years ago we would have judged these characters by their writings and their histories - their actual deeds, not so much their histories as defined by the mass media. If we were lucky enough we might have been able to travel to a speech. We would have studied their essays endlessly to decide if we agreed with policy proposals and we also would have had some understanding that policy proposals do not mean shit if there is not a Congress willing to advance said proposals; which will not happen if we don't get down ticket advances in November.

Thanks, Idio.

I was just thinking about the community here at L&L and how lucky that we are to be able to communicate with people who are intelligent and well studied in the shit that they type.

That is a luxury that a whole lot of people do not engage in.

Anjha said...

Bill Moyer's Essay on this is pretty intense and reminds me of your first post on Wright.