Thursday, May 1, 2008

Why Aren't You Reading This?

Just making note that I'm adding Pajiba to the links sidebar.

Why? Because of quotes like this:
Watching salty ol’ Carville melt into a quivering puddle of tears as he tries to express gratitude to his staff on election eve is truly moving. But in current context, I’m stung by the irony of it all. Two quotes:

First from Mary Matalin (Carville’s wife and Bush I’s chief strategist), “[Clinton]’s a performer. That’s not our shtick. We are a leader, we are mature, we have experience.”

And from Carville himself, “Let me tell you what’s at stake in this election. Every time that somebody comes along that’s got some ideas, a Democrat comes along, the Republicans come up here and they ambush him… And here comes Clinton. He comes to New Hampshire, people here are hurtin’. They want hope. They want somebody with vision. He gives it to them. So what do Republicans do? They get together … and they knock him off. If they succeed this time, it’s going to be every time…. If we win this, then we have knocked this shit back forever.”

Everything has happened before, everything will happen again. Cajun-style.

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iamcoyote said...

Pretty cool site, idio! Thanks. TVGasm is nothing but reality shows anymore; Aack Attack is great for recaps. Woohoo! I've been getting back to my pop culture roots lately, so this'll help.