Monday, April 28, 2008

Question of the Day

OK, since no one else is posting, I'm going to steal Mustang Bobby's Question of the Day:
What is your most frequently misspelled word?

Mine seems to be phycology psychology. I'm always missing the "S" or getting the consonants mixed up. But that goes for all those words with medical or academic meaning.

Low and Lefter's... wake the fuck up!


Anjha said...

Seems to be misogyny.

Maybe cause I always called it sexism and never learned the correct spelling.

I have been trying to get my shit together lately and I am really disgusted with the level of our discourse lately.

I spend way too much time reading and not very much time typing.

I have a hard[er] time lately biting my tongue and I do not want to say [type] anything that I will regret or that will lower dialogue anymore than it already is.

I wish this stupid primary would end. I am tired of my roller coaster of emotion.

Seven of Six said...

Yeah, misogyny is right up there for me as well!

Those damn, freaky consonants get all jumbled for me.

Seven of Six said...

I know what name messes me up, Anjha.