Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Pushback and 2012 Has Started

Obama won, and therefore, all those conservatives and their 501c's and special interest groups will be going into torpor, only to re-emerge for the class war in two years, right?

Wrong. I just got push polled this evening.

The pusher was (I believe) Americans United for Life, whom I won't link to, but the address is aul.org. It stars push poll hall of famer Mike Huckabee, who coincidentally would love to be the 2012 Republican Presidential Nominee. Since a depressed and significantly reduced GOP caucus nominated Huck in Iowa last January, he knows where his most fertile ground is.

Obviously, it was an anti-choice call, but specifically it was designed to push the meme that when Obama comes into office, he will rescind gag rules, let your daughters get knocked up & have an abortion party without your consent in every city and town across America. Planned Parenthood was made a target, no surprise, and the Freedom of Choice Act was cited several times in ways that equated it to an Executive Order instead of a piece of real legislation.

Gonna be an interesting 4 years.

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Anjha said...

A push poll, already?

Holeee Craap!

Husband and I were talking last night about how suspicious that it is that all of these right wing hacks are being so reasonable.

(Yes, I said reasonable.)

On Chris Matthews last night Dan Burton was on. Chris confronted him on his BS with Vince Foster, blah, blah, blah.

Dan would not have any of it. Just went on about how 'Hillary would be a good Sec of State. That Obama will do a good job. Isn't everything grand in DC with all of us getting along and all of the birds singing and the blossoms blooming.'

It was wierd.

Chris asked him what the hell that they were doing and what kind of set up was this that the Right was being so cooperative. I mean, Chris Matthews even called him on it.

So, husband and I were trying to figure out what their angle is. Husband said that the Right Wing is just looking around saying "hey, the people want cooperation and politeness and amenability...so we will do that until we get power back and then we will fuck them."

I think that he is right, but I think that it is more nefarious than that. I still expect for some horrible Ntl Attack of some sort where Dubya will not let the transition occur because of "stability" or something and then we will all riot and end up in those detention centers.

I realize that the detention centers being built could have been their own ends...that they built them just so that Halliburton or whomever could get the bloated contract and that there is no need to actually use them...but that just sounds too easy. I do not trust these assholes and their "amenability" - these are not amenable people, they are radicals.