Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You've Got To Be Kidding

Via BoingBoing:
The Wall Street Journal, Friday November 14th, reports on "culture clashes" between the brokers of Merrill Lynch and the bank that bought them, Bank of America. . ."Merrill staffers joke that Bank of America employees are recognizable in the elevators by their less expensive attire and American-flag lapel pins."
The bare truth is that they have lived this lifestyle by taking people's money in return for worthless advice. Their specialty is knowing what's good for themselves, not understanding what's happening in the market.
Meanwhile, the rest of us whom owe to Bank of America, think that they're all financial scum who could use a week of forced service at the local food bank or counseling those who declare bankruptcy because of medical bills.


Seven of Six said...

OT: Hey Id, Nate Silver has some interesting comments on Loserman and the push poll.

Anjha said...

Nates take is really good and it makes sense. It seems to follow the comments that I have seen about this decision from people as well.

I also like Nates point about Harry Reid being a pussy Majority Leader and how the ramifications of this are a whole lot different with a Dem Prez than a Republican Prez...very interesting, very, very interesting.

It would be in Obama's interest to make certain that Reid stay ML and that Clinton not be in the Senate so that he can get through all of the major legislation that he wants to without any pushback.

Hillary is a very powerful person and personality and I think that she would definately push back against President Obama if she wanted to or felt she needed to - Harry Reid, nope.

As for the dicks at Merrill Lynch...why am I not surprised?

I like BofA. They have been very good to me over the years. I actually owe them a lot (figuratively and literally.)

muckdog said...

Financial companies have been taking the customer's money for years. Read "Where are the customers yachts."