Monday, November 17, 2008

Taking Bets: How Long Until it is Pulled

(Picture courtesy of via Politico. By now, though, you can probably find it all over the has been out for a few hours already.)

Dubya has never been known as "bright" - he is, contrarily, quite gullible. Not bright plus very gullible, leads to pictures that one will regret for the rest of one's life.

I saw this in Politico.

The comments led me to the definition of "the shocker." Unbelievable. When I read the definition, I too, spit coffee.

If I were in college and had the opportunity to meet the Pres and get my photo taken and the President were Dubya....I imagine that I might have done the same.

Holy Fuck.


iamcoyote said...

Hahahahahahahahaha! Fookin' putz!

idiosynchronic said...

There seems to be legitimate difference in what's the shocker and what's the school hand sign. To be honest, throwin' a sign in photos is pretty young and stupid. It's something young affluent kids whom have never been a mile within a gang do because it looks stupidly cool. They've watched socially retarded rappers do it for years in publicity photos.

Hey you kids! Get off my lawn!

Where was I? Oh yeah. At the very least, it just makes W. look like wants to be young, hip and without a clue. As usual.

Besides, anyone knows the use of the shocker as shocking is a fine way to get you thrown out the door without your clothes and kicked in the balls. Fools.

iamcoyote said...

I found it shocking that the gesture has a name; I've been vaguely aware of it, and the meaning, but when I saw the picture at the Bag earlier, it never clicked. I figured the prez and his cohort were doing some school sign, thought it looked stupid, and dismissed it until Anjha here made the connection. I've never seen it brandished at anyone, even in movies. Don't know where I've seen it, actually. Pretty crude to wave around in polite company, IMO. But then, I've never given anyone the finger in my life; I think it's vulgar, too. I learned early on that in a diverse community, hand signals can get you into trouble across cultures.

"The shocker." Yeah, well, not really.

Seven of Six said...

Ok, I had to laugh when Tristan came home doing that sign a few years ago. Didn't have the guts to tell him (or my wife) what the sign meant.

Hey, that's ASU's hand sign.
Sparky the Mascot's sign to be exact.
That's the ASU Track and Field Team, NCAA Champs!
I'll bet you 1K they would have rather met Obama!

Anjha said...

In the comment thread at Politico people seem pretty convinced that it is really the Sun Devil's "Pitchfork" sign and not "The Shocker."

I had no idea that there was any such thing as "The Shocker" and my kid swears that he had never heard of it.

When I went to CollegeHumor dot com (which I did not link to because it was even worse than urban dictionary) there were hundreds and hundreds of photos of kids flashing "The Shocker." In addition, it seems that part of the "fun" is getting old folk (like University Presidents) who do not know what it means, to flash the sign.

I am sure that a lot of these old folks just think that it is something like the V of the peace sign and want to fit in with the youngsters and do not have a clue what they are flashing. the Urban Dictionary site there is a slide show of photos of people doing "The Shocker" - picture 30 is Jenna Bush doing it while standing next to her dad in formal dress at some event.

Even if the sign that they are flashing is "the Pitchfork" it is way too close to TS and makes it the most hillarious WH photo ever.

Dumb Ass.