Friday, November 21, 2008

The Wackiness Continues


Petty, childish, immature, selfish, clueless, vindictive, rude, out of touch, stupid and disgusting.

John McCain feels so used.

Mitch gives Harry the silent treatment.

Karl thinks he is some kind of respected expert, (so we can add delusional to the list.)

The solution, according to the GOP.

Fabulous. These dumb fucks really believe that they have a solution to their problems. They actually posit that the reason that the people have rejected them fully and what they need to do to fix it, is that they have not been Right Wing enough – so they need to move further to the Right and that will solve everything.

More power to ya, dumb asses.

Conservatism and Neo-Conservatism and “Compassionate-Conservatism” and Republican and GOP…whatever these dinks want to call themselves, is dead. It is dead. They have proven that their philosophy of lawlessness and Market-As-King and offering up the country to the wealthy and Pre-Ventative War; this philosophy is dead. The mask is off, the people have seen the truth.

Go, go farther Right. I will pay your train fare.

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idiosynchronic said...

The Iowa Republicans are following this, "damn the fucking torpedos" run to the right as well. There is a hysterically funny radio interview from a local conservative blowhard whom attacked a GOP guest for 2 solid hours.Deace: "You can disagree with me, but we'll be on the same team? How is that not hypocrisy?"

Gross: "What I believe, Steve, is that we ought to be able to agree on 80 percent of the issues and still be in the same party."

Deace: "If one of those issues is killing 4,000 babies a day, I should simply overlook that? Am I more accountable eternally to you and your buddies, Doug, or to my God?"

Gross: "You're not accountable to me at all."

Deace: "That's why I'm not going to overlook the fact that some of your buddies want to kill 4,000 babies every day."

There it was, coming in loud and clear on the big 50,000-watt blowtorch: Doug Gross, baby killers' buddy. Who would have thought?

Deace: "You know the very people who want to kill 4,000 babies also seem to be the ones who keep growing the government. Funny how that works. Got to go to a break."

Popcorn is insufficient. I want to buy these guys gasoline in 55-gallon drums, butane lighters, and bring a half a cow for the party.