Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"You can sleep with the enemy, just not my brother"

Just in case you haven't read about it.

What kills me is that the Dems didn't strip Sen. Lieberman of his chairmanship of Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, or his membership on Armed Services, but his membership of Environment and Public Works. It was like hearing that the Enron CEO was sentenced to 24 months at Cupcake Minimum Security Prison. Oh, Ow! Ow!

But if Joe had been endorsing and running around with say

. . Ralph Nader?

The press would be swiffering up little bits of charcoal in order to have an interview with Holy Joe. And he'd be blackballed against any further runs as Democrat ever again.

Update: Here's a different take, and I have to admit I love the imagery. (h/t to Athenae)


snark said...

I just can't get myself worked up over this whole thing. In fact, Ifind the whole reaction of the Leftosphere amusing and really high school. That or rightist.

idiosynchronic said...

I see it from the point of view of someone whom considers himself a liberal first, and a Democrat #10, at best. The Iowa Democratic Party will probably never forgive Ed Fallon for endorsing Nader. It will take a grassroots effort never before seen to get Ed back in office as a Democrat. The state party will always make sure that he is never adequately supported or faces a primary challenger that's got an advantage.

And the National Democratic Party has just simply given Joe a painful hickey and called it punishment. Two different party structures and leaders - but both supposedly with the similar values.

I'm enjoying the conflagration as the leftside of the Internet burns like a hemorrhoid.

Anjha said...

Ya, I do not have the energy to get all worked up about it.

I have been pretty convinced for a few days that the real story went something like the "give me your balls" one.

I believe that the Senate never would have allowed him his committees if Obama had not given the go ahead. I cannot imagine what Obama has hanging over Joe (or, maybe visa-versa?) but I have to trust that it is the best way to go.

Seriously, I have tried not to spend very much energy freaking out about what it is that Obama is doing because he has shown me, repeatedly, that some of his wierd actions were the right actions. He won this election. That has earned him my trust for a little while.

I cannot even remember some of the stuff that the blogosphere was screaming about over the course of the campaign. The only one that comes to mind is the tier two - tier one nonsense, that proved to be a nontroversy and Obama knew what he was doing. He knew what he was building and he trusted the people more than the 527s. And, it worked. Funny that.

As a result, I am just not going to waste any energy on different crap that he is doing until I am made aware of the consequences.

If holy Joe uses his committee to go after Obama and is not immediately taken down and it hurts us - then I will be pissed at Obama for this decision.

Seven of Six said...

Loserman is now marginilized... he owes Obama now, just like he owed Rove and the repukes for the '06' election... he's got to do Obama's bidding (or else he'll never get his balls back).
I can see Obama doing away with or reorganizing the Dept. of Homeland Security... then what will Loserman chair... nothing.

The fucking rat only knows political survival.

I cannot even remember some of the stuff that the blogosphere was screaming about over the course of the campaign.

Anjha, One was FISA. I'd like to think that Obama was smart enough to keep it for his own political survival. Think of the shit he can get on the repukes now.

And as far as that "Tier Two" nonsense, he was counting on the McLame's campaign to do the "Tier Two" work for him... and it worked, the idiots fell into every trap Obama's campaign set for them.