Sunday, December 7, 2008

Car Czar?

Can we please lose the word Czar? Nixon named the first Government Czar in 1973. Since then we have had an Energy Czar, Health Care Czar, War Czar, Drug Czar, Aids Czar, Security Czar and even a Border Czar. The power and authority of this Country is turning America into a Czardom.

First of all, the connotations aren’t good. Czars were Russian despots, often decadent and often shot for their sins. Czar describes a job that’s not easily done. Few czars have been successful at their czarist tasks, probably through no fault of their own. It’s an ill-defined position that either falls of its own weight or, worse, leads to the creation of a huge bureaucracy (like the Energy Department) where none is needed.

So, please President Elect Obama, do not name a 'Car Czar,' as rumored.


Anjha said...

You are right Judith. I hate that "Czar" shit. Why would they have ever had started it?

phidipides said...

Should have posted this here:

Good lord, Bush gets to appoint the Car Czar. The single most incompetent leader this country has ever seen, and he gets to appoint a Car Czar. Looking at the way the Mad King, idiot son of George the weak and Bar the drunk, handled the war on "Terra", we are all soon to be driving Trabants manufactured without steering wheels and modified to run on Whale oil.

Seven of Six said...

Hey Phid maybe you know the answer to this... on all the burrow appointments by bu$h and "Car Czar", why can't Obama just say, "Ok, you want to continue in your post, it's just been relocated to Thule, Greenland and it's unaccompanied. And that's where you'll serve the rest of your term, or you can resign gracefully."