Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Disagree

Even after the reprieve of two movies today, I am already bored with the whole Blagojevich crap.

I found this interesting though.

Jane Hamsher thinks that if Caroline Kennedy wants the NY Senate Seat, then she should campaign for it.

I get her point. I do. She says that we do not need political dynasties, blah, blattity, blah. The thing is though that the Kennedys already are a political dynasty. We can't stop that. It already happened, years before I was born.

I say, get over it. If New York does not mind, then neither do I. Also, it is only for two years and then she will have to campaign for it.

Caroline Kennedy is a progressive and everything that she has done she has done with humility and honor. Give it to her. Or not. Truth is, it is not up to us, it is up to the Governor of New York. That is what our laws say. I'll abide with whatever Patterson does. I won't complain or cheer. Honestly, with Bush still in office for another 41 days, we have a whole lot of other shit to worry about.

What do you think?


iamcoyote said...

I dunno, coming from a political dynasty, whose whole philosophy is public service, she's likely to have more experience in the protocols than, say, a Schwartzenegger. It's not unprecedented, and if NY wants it, why not?

Thuy Lam said...

What about Michael Bloomberg?

snark said...

The Kennedy's continue to be a political dynasty because there are now several generations who have been raised in an atmosphere where the conversation around the breakfast, lunch and dinner tables likely encompassed much of the history of progressive politics in this country. It's like saying Jacques Cousteau's kids have no place in the sea.

As a New Yorker I have no problem if she is selected to serve out Clinton's term.

Seven of Six said...

Anjha, This might interest you, a couple of oral VA cases in front of SCOTUS.

I feel the people of New York should have the right to decide... after Caroline serves out Hillary's term.
At least she would know what the capital of Nicaragua is!

Seven of Six said...

I kind of snapped at paradox in the open thread today. Been building up for a couple of days.

Judith said...

Seven of Six, you only spoke the truth. I guess the worse part of this whole Paradox Insanity, is his refusal to address the issue. Peter is allowed to post, but Snark and Phidipides are not?

What happened to TIKI?

iamcoyote said...

TIKI said one of his comments was deleted. TIKI? Come on!

snark said...

I've not been banned. Just deleted.

Judith said...

Better a Kennedy Dynasty than a Bush Dynasty.

Snark, why would you be deleted, of all people?

iamcoyote said...

It looks like paradox deleted and banned the first guy, K2, I think it was, who said it was the crappiest writing he'd ever seen. I saw that comment first thing on Sunday. Later, I noticed it was gone, SoS was talking to p-dip, who wasn't there anymore and paradox's comment saying he was going to write about the new policy later. Which he did. Which was laughable. After that, nothing. No deleting, banning, or nuthin. It looks like he had a shit fit Sunday, wrote his post, then lost steam. We'll see what he posts today.

snark said...

My comment that was deleted was in the actual "New Comment Policy" post.

I wrote (paraphrasing somewhat);

Out of deference for Steve Soto I will restrain myself.

But it's sad that he's lost his blog on the heels of the personal tragedy he just suffered last week.


iamcoyote said...

That's right. Yours was pretty much the last one to get deleted, then.

Judith said...

Does anyone know whether or not Steve Soto is still involved with TLC, or just turn the reins over to Paradox temporarily?

iamcoyote said...

He said he might come back after six months, but prolly not. He's working in a political office, so he can't really have his name out there bashing his employer's policies. So, yeah, paradox is in charge.

Seven of Six said...

Steve's out of the picture for awhile Judith. How long? Who knows?

I just hope it survives long enough for him to have something when he gets back.