Sunday, December 7, 2008


Thanks for the invite everyone. I accept your offer and will try to add something of value now and then. Nice to be blogging with the best from TLC.


iamcoyote said...

Yay! Judith did it! Like I said, just like sending an email.

For now, you can ignore the Read More thing when posting, that's for putting things below the fold. You can fiddle with it to see how it works, though. It's kinda quirky.

Seven of Six said...

Glad to have you aboard... I see the women took over... thank you ladies for coming to the rescue.

Judith said...

Well Seven of Six, thank you for the invite.

Iamcoyote, can't believe I did it, but somehow it worked.

Seven of Six said...

Easy peasy... just keep fooling with it all. Click on your preview when you want to incoporate pictures, blockquotes, links and such... it will show what's working.

Virginity lost... *ducks*

Anjha said...

Yay! Welcome aboard Judith! Damn, you jumped right in before we even had a chance to put up a welcome post. So, hey, welcome!

It was easier than you thought, huh?

Judith said...

Anjha, thanks. Yes, it was simplier than I thought. I was ready to be up half the night trying to figure it out.

"Virginity lost...*ducks*

Yeah, and I am 67. I bet I was the oldest virgin here.

Thanks for alerting me to the different formats. I will play around with it.

brisa said...


What is with the exodus from TLC. I this about Paradox throwing his (hurt) weight around by banning people?

Seven of Six said...

brisa, I can't answer for Judith but can give you a little background. We Low and Left'ers have existed for some years now.
We just invited Judith over to blog if she felt like it. We welcomed her addition and value her input.
BTW you're welcome to comment here as long as you want. A simple alternative site to TLC is all. We certainly don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.