Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Can We Go to the Hague Now?

On Monday, Cheney admitted he was directly involved in approving severe interrogation methods used by the CIA. It is the first time that he has acknowledged playing a central role in approving interrogation tactics, including water boarding.

"I was aware of the program, certainly, and involved in helping get the process cleared," Cheney said in an interview with ABC News. Asked whether he still believes it was appropriate to use the waterboarding method on terrorism suspects, Cheney said: "I do."

His comments come on the heels of disclosures by a Senate committee showing that high-level officials in the Bush administration were intimately involved in reviewing and approving interrogation methods that have since been explicitly outlawed and that have been condemned internationally as torture.

So the truth, which we have known for years, has been finally been admitted by Dick (waterboard 'em) Cheney.


Judith said...

Okay, I figured out the italics. Do I need to post the source of the information too?

Seven of Six said...

Do I need to post the source of the information too?

It accomplishes two things Judith, it verifies your source so your reader doesn't just think your making shit up. Second, some would say it's proper blogger etiquette.

Judith said...

Thanks 7O6. Makes sense.