Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let's Play

The TeeVees are all in a twitter over who Obama will appoint as Labor Secretary.

Although he is desperately needed at the UAW, I think that it would send a great message to appoint Gettelfinger.

If not Gettelfinger, I would like to see John Edwards. I know. I know. However, I think that Edwards proved that he will take on the business, corporate and monied interests in a big way.

Who would you like to see nominated?


Seven of Six said...

I would love to see Mary Beth Maxwell, the founding executive director of American Rights at Work, to head the Labor Department. If nominated, and confirmed by the Senate, she would be the nation’s first openly gay cabinet member.

Since Progressives lost out on the Interior and will be saddled with Salazar.
We need a strong progressive in Labor.

Judith said...

I can hear business and the GOP's outrage if Gettelfinger would be appointed. After all, according to them, the UAW and it's workers are the problem.

Anjha said...

I know that [we] Progressives would love to have seen more truly Progressive people named to the Cabinet - however, there will be a ton of real Progressives in positions of high power, directly under the actual cabinet appointees, who will not have to make it through confirmation.

In addition, I believe Obama when he says that the policy will be handed down from him - the people who he appoints will not be directly responsible for creating policy - Obama will do this and we do not know yet how he will govern.

I suspect that a whole lot will change, including rhetoric, at about 12:01 pm on January 20th.

Only one more month, only one more month...

idiosynchronic said...

I have no idea. Probably someone who can stand up to, and work with, Andy Stern.

Seven of Six said...

The one good thing about Salazar going to the Interior is him leaving the Senate... don't need a Gang of 14 anymore screwing Dems on votes.