Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Idiosynchronic: Rest Easy

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Except for copying - that is the very greatest form of flattery.

The Progressive is calling for "Shoeing Bush Out."

Last night, as I said, I received an email on a Democratic District group asking us to send Bush our shoes.

There are numerous posts out there about it.

I have even read posts of people who have already done it.

The only thing that I have not yet seen is the call to include directions to forward them to charity. I think that we should create the PDF instructions directing them to do so and then all of these other places can link to us! It is not easy always being the "Linker". I think that it is high time the L&L Pt 2 is the "Linkee".

Addendum: (by id) dday has observed that the Iraqis are getting pissed over the incarceration and probable beating of al-Zaidi. Now someone has to sit and really think of what do we put on the sheet. The earliest I may get to it is Friday morning.

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Anjha said...

Id, I am working on it.

I was out all day yesterday at doctors and such, then we had to do a big grocery shopping so that we could endure being snowed in (for weeks?) and because I have a teenager who eats 4 lunches a day.

I will email it to you today - OK!

My "rest easy" instructions were to let you know that people are already on it and even if we get the "donate these shoes" PDFs out this weekend, instead of a few days ago, by the time ours get there with the instructions to donate - they will just then be trying to figure out what to do with all of the shoes.

No worries.

I will send something today, then all you have to do is edit it.