Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What Have I Learned?

1) Don't get half an idea, publish it to the rest of the world, and hope that you get someone else to pick up along with you when it's half formed. With any idea, you get followers 99.9% of the time, not co-leaders.

2) Don't do it if you have to have a life doing something else. If your family expects you to be present in life, forget about it.

3) Check with fuckin' gatekeepers. Or one of their low-level acid-y minions who has no life will kneecap you.

4) Maybe the simple executions are best.

5) I am blessed with friends! Sincerely, thank you coyote, Seven, Maryscott, and all of you that either commented or wrote me.

At the end, I think I what I most rue is that Mr. al-Zaidi didn't have the opportunity to flip the shoe at Dubya at a time more fertile for actions like what I and several dozen other blog readers wanted to try. Hopefully, he will be released soon and unharmed.

There's an upsetting tendency amongst the Democratic blogerati and their readership to do what Democratic leaders are routinely castigated for: ignoring the grassroots & keeping their powder dry. In what little communication I got, I was repeatedly counseled to put such 'silliness' aside and work for the glorious tomorrow that Barack Obama and his grand administration would usher in. Or if they haven't drunk the kool-aid, they're understandably wary of anything that takes away from real life & death priorities for the world.

The one overarching thing this impresses on me is that mainstream Democrats are going to do what every change in administration has done before - they're going to sweep in and sweep out the old ASAP. Investigation into the prior and holding the guilty accountable will be inconvenient and distracting. It might ruin the chances for future coalitions! That it protects the guilty is just a damn shame.


iamcoyote said...

That Free Spirit guy routinely shoots down any trial balloon about anything, I've noticed. Pretty regularly, too, I suspect, since the two dkos comment threads I've been in have had that jerk lecturing people about how they should think now that Obama's the PE. Oy!

Sorry you got snapped at, idio. I'm sending my shoes to Crawford. Maybe they'll get packed up and brought to the new place!

Seven of Six said...

I do think an offering to the bu$h library would be just as effective.

DKos maybe wasn't the place to bare the idea... shitbirds.

Anjha said...

Id, what can we do to help? Seriously. What tasks do you need help with?

I saw over on TLC that one of the commentors had already sent a pair of size 10 shoes. It is happening organically.

This is what I see as the steps that need to occur.

1. Do not get discouraged by the dicks. There are always dicks...we shall overcome!

2. I do not have Adobe. Does anyone here have the ability to create a PDF?

3. Let's actually get the PDF created before we proceed. Let's keep it simple. What are the things that should be included in the PDF?
a. A statement. My vote is for something like "We stand with the citizens of Iraq. We are sorry for the invasion and the destruction of your country. This is for the women and the children [or whatever it was that the journalist said...it will not take long to find the quote.]
b. Something to the effect of "Mr. ____ should be released immediately and President Bush should apologize for not coming to his aid sooner. Although we do not advocate violence in any way, we understand the frustration of the Iraqi people and Mr. [sorry I cannot remember his name this early] should be released and an envoy should be sent to hear him, to understand his concerns and to understand why he felt that he needed to take the actions that he did. The only way that healing can happen is for open dialogue to take place."
c. "These shoes are a statement of our frustration. The American people have been ignored for far too long in this process. You work for us. We do not want this occupation in Iraq to continue. Bring the troops home now."
d. "These shoes should be donated to x,y,z and a...[list the charities, contact info and the recycler.]"

4. Include also shipping options. SoS votes UPS [are they completely US and completely Union? Let's state that.] I like the USPS, because the post office has been suffering for so long and these are govt jobs, and govt monies so it will help the Ntl debt. Govt jobs are Union [at least they had that right up until last week when dubya changed some bs rule.]

5. After the PDF is created then we all need to branch out and post whereever we can. I will post at TPM, someone post again at KOS (we can all go and recommend) someone can post again at TLC (maybe we can email Erin) and someone can post at HuffPo, SoS can post at Left is Right, I will post at PAS (not that anyone goes there...but the webcrawlers will pick up the words) and we should make sure that we include a link to the stories at NYT and WaPo, etc because those links bring traffic.

Let's get busy. We can do this with very little effort. Especially if we act as a team.