Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Friends, Romans, Citizens, Give Me Your Shoes

Awww . . shucks . . . thanks guys for wanting to make up the slack.

So I guess it's obvious the major source of my disappointment is not the lack of response, but rather my own ability to do things for days at a time. I can't be the leader of this. I've been busy all day long at work until just now. And I think we've just about exhausted the news cycle window to capitalize on the Shoe-ing of the President.

The PDF is easy, especially with numerous free tools available online to make a PDF. Message and goal are what matters.

1) encourage donations of shoes.
1a) to where? A local charity makes the most sense in terms of carbon emissions unless we have a charity that that sponsors large acquisitions.
2) Problem: how do you get the message across to at least the Bush library and media outlets? Especially if they never see the shoes. While I'd love to stick the library with the costs of donating the shoes, such action is demonstrably wrongful in several belief systems of charity.
3) Write a coherent, motivating narrative of why we should donate these shoes in this manner.
3a) be clear that crap shoes or . . disgusting shoes aren't welcome.


Seven of Six said...

Great diary at DKos on why the GOP fear the Holder nomination.

We must fight back on this one.

Anjha said...

Hello Id! Good morning. You work too hard. We are snowed in - again. All of Puget Sound is shut down. We will - apparently - have snow on the ground from this last weekend through Christmas!! That is amazing. It never happens here.

Anyway the shoe deal...

Actually, we have not missed the media cycle. We have a very short window, but, as long as the Iraqi journalist is still being held and beaten, we have not missed the news cycle. AND - getting the news cycle to continue depends on just how successful that we are on this campaign.

Last night, in my list serve for my local Dem group, I got a) let's send our old shoes to the president; followed by b) but we need to turn the page, blah, blah, blah. That fucker.

When I saw the turn the page crap, I knew that this was a necessary evil.

For crying out loud. The guy thinks - or wants to portray - hey, we are Progressives, we are so above the political theatre that the Right Wing uses all the friggin time and wins every time because they are not "above" it. AND are we "above" the risk that the Iraqi journalist took? Risking his life and perhaps his families to stand up for the hundreds of thousands of people who have died in an illegal war?

After that little pissy move by this guy (who fancies himself a leader in the local Progressive community) I knew that we must move forward and move forward quickly.

I have got some ideas and I will email them to you - OK.