Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thursday To Do's

If you do nothing else Thursday,

1. Please call Senator Carl Levin
2. Call your own Senators
3. Call your Representative

Tell them all that you support an independent commission and indictments for anyone in the Bush Administration who authorized and participated in torture.

Tell them that you support indictments and prosecution for war crimes.

Tell them that you want everyone, and we mean everyone (including any Democrats who knew and did nothing) held accountable.

Tell them that we are a nation of laws, not of men. Tell them that the Rule of Law is the only thing that keeps us free.

4. Tell everyone who you know to do the same.

The Congress must hear from us or nothing.will.happen.

5. Go to and tell Obama the same.

UPDATE: BTW, Senator Carl Levin was on The Rachel Maddow Show tonight advocating for said commission [this is why we are calling his office first.]


Judith said...

I will be on the phone first thing in the morning.

Cheney sat there in that interview and openly admitted to authorizing torture, and interrogations that included waterboarding, knowing damn well it was illegal. He is as guilty as those who enjoyed the crys of his victims. To date, not one has been found guilty, other than the planner of 9/11. Most have not even been charged with a crime. We must demand he and othrs be tried before the world court.

What I cannot figure out is why he would admit to authorizing torture. It is almost like a big fuck you to American. Well, we shall see whether or not Cheney's smugness protects him from justice.

Thanks Anjha for writing about this most important issue. Time to start a movement for justice to see that this never happens again in this Country.

Anjha said...

Thanks Judith. The second that I heard that Levin was calling for this commission, I knew that I had to get a post up immediately to instruct people to tell him that we support this commission.

These politicians are not stupid. They will jump on whatever parade float that we put out there...we just have to put the parade float out there quickly and make sure that the parade keeps moving with all kinds of support.

Judith said...

Post it on TLC and other blogs too Anjha, if you haven't already.